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Achieve higher conversion with onsite live streaming and social interactions to enrich your user experiences.

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Seamless Integration

Within 1 minute of setup, the events page would show up on your site where your social hub will be.

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Scheduling & sharing has never been this easy

Gather users information, know when is the best time to go LIVE, friendly reminders and sharing functions built-in with every event.

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Easy checkout, high conversion

Users can directly add products to the cart during your LIVE on your site with 1-click and therefore much higher conversion rate.

Direct Checkout
Bring the users to your site

Instead of directing traffic to your or the influencers' social account, bring them to your site for better conversion rate, get their contact info and provide a more comprehensive user experience.

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Rich data for optimization and user study

For each event, get detailed user engagement from viewing, likes, purchases, comments and sharing. You can easily reach and upsell users who've liked and engaged with products.

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The challenge

When you have all the engagments on social media, it's hard to convert them to purchases.

Stop renting your users from social media sites. Bring your social following to your site.

Each social interaction can directly trigger a purchase and if not, you know exactly what action which user is taking and therefore personalize their shopping experiences by inviting them to next event, email them relevant product information and most importantly, keep them on your site!

5X Higher Conversion
100% Real reach with email
100% Data and funnel coverage